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“Always put a cute dog in your presentation. That’s the first rule of design.”
“Don’t ask; learn to listen, pay attention, context informs design”
“In order to understand the world you need to spend time obeserving it”
“Spend time looking and learn from your surroundings. Engage with the world and understand it’s real story”
“One of the most powerful tools we have as people, is empathy.”
“You’re a better designer if you love the people you’re building for”
“You’re a better designer when you love the people you are designing for. Its odd to use that word, but accurate”
“Don’t assume what the story is… truths in life are often more complex than they appear”
“In order to understand the world you need to spend time in it and observe what is happening Not just assume”
“We are human. We design for our specie, we should understand them”
“Kids are great at this. We “untrain” ourselves in things that would make us great designers later on”
“How to be a great designers: Interpret, translate and steal”
“When you design for the future, be aware of the past. Don’t assume the solution.”
‘Breaking with precedent is a great way to design. Don’t assume people want things done the same way as it’s always been”
“Don’t be afraid to steal, it’s part of the job of a designer”
“Don’t be afraid to test your ideas in the world even at a small scale”
“Believing in the future and taking that forward”